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Inventory services

Thanks to technical and software solutions, we are able to offer our customers a list of goods and fixed assets.

We have high-quality technology, scanning devices and software tailored to the needs of our customers.

We match the reports according to the type of products and the needs of the inventory, and it is possible to export in any program format for easier import into client software.

Trained personnel and our technical support guarantee accurate results of the current state of goods or assets at all times.

If you decide to cooperate with us in this segment of business services, you get a faster, better and more accurate insight into the situation, which is reflected in the same way on business results.




  • elieving employees – (avoiding the loss of focus of workers from basic tasks)
  • avoiding conflicts of interest between employees – (boss / deputy boss with the head of the company)
  • more accurate and accurate reports – (real situation in your company)
  • census activities are transparent and confidential (no hidden information)
  • assistance and instructions in preparing goods and inventory funds
  • our internal control during the census
  • digitization of documents
  • adequate number of trained enumerators
  • adequate number of enumeration devices
  • the report tailored to the client’s needs
  • the result of the list is available immediately after its completion
  • technical support throughout the census
  • for each individual list, the company hires the necessary number of enumerators in order to get the best possible service in the shortest possible time
  • at the end of the list and all controls can be exported the final result of the list in any format required by the client


MVM GROUP uses modern devices for inventory of goods:




MVM Group is at your disposal because the list is made by one company in the whole region – one contact the whole region:

  • Serbia (SRB)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH)
  • Montenegro (MNE)
  • North Macedonia (SMK)

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