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The market of mobile devices has increased in the last three years, the number of internet users, who access various internet services from their mobile devices is growing every day. We offer our clients unique solutions that enable presence on mobile platforms, as well as programs and applications that enable them to communicate easily with their customers.


Android applications are an essential part of an offer for our customers. The huge expansion of the operating system lately, and his presence as through mobile phones and tablet devices to smart TV devices, implies the presence of any serious company in the market through appropriate Android apps.

iPhone / iPadthe past few years, Apple devices have become very popular, even prestigious, so we decided to develop applications for the iOS platform and thus cover this respectable segment of the market.


If you want a simple, static website, a site with dynamic content or perhaps a website with attractive and interesting animations, we will develop the best solution for you. Our team of professionals with a lot of experience in web design, programming and optimization will shape all your requirements and apply them appropriately. The technologies used in the development are: PHP, Java Script, CSS, HTML, MySQL and CMS.

If you want to promote your new product or service in your area, we will create for you an integrated solution that includes web site, various optimization and Facebook campaign.


As you already know, if you want to run a sweepstakes, contest or promotion on Facebook, this is only possible through a Facebook application. Applications are one of the most effective ways to use the full capacity of Facebook. Our Facebook development team creates branded applications that strongly interact with customers, integrating into your business logic and fundamentals Facebook marketing.

Also, we offer several existing solutions, interesting and powerful Facebook tools that can help you start and influence their fans and build strong campaigns. So, whether you opt for one of our existing solutions or want a custom solution brewed exactly to fit your needs / requirements, our Facebook development team will make the app exactly what you want and deliver on time.


More and more people are connecting with brands through Facebook Fan page. Your well-designed fan page will attract your customers and allow them to know more about your company, products and services. Optimal design will help you to connect with fans, and through such promotional activities will directly increase sales.

The experience and expertise of our development team can help you get a powerful, effective tool that from your Facebook fan page create a place for the promotion of their latest offerings.


Push notifications allows the application to send data – a new message or event on the device, even when the application is not in use. So, thanks to the push notification service, you will have the latest information on your phone or tablet.

There is the option of upgrading options with more advanced functions that communicate with the client’s needs in order to achieve the best results.

In-app purchase means that in the free or paid application, you can find a button or link that you can get an additional possibility for a price. Shopping is done directly from the application, the mobile platform, simple and transparent to the customer, in this process provider takes a percentage for themselves.

Augmented Reality /be considered as a variation of virtual reality and is one of the latest options in mobile platforms. But while the virtual reality replaces the real world with virtual, virtual Augmented Reality combines elements of the real world. In virtual reality, the user is able to see the real world around them. Augmented Reality creates an illusion of real objects and virtual components coexist in the same place in real time. Augmented Reality combines real and virtual elements, can be 2D or 3D with animated elements.

We develop content for artistic or scientific exhibitions, films, industrial design, architecture, design and entertainment.

E-bookstoreswith our applications, you can always read your favorite books on any of your mobile devices. This application is free. We have published a number of ebooks, whether classic or contemporary literature, and we have a lot of ebooks for children: picture books, fairy tales and ebooks for teenagers. We offer audio books (in Serbian and English) and interactive storybook.

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