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MVM Group will cooperate with LACALUT (Dr.Theiss) from Belgrade

MVM Group will cooperate with LACALUT (Dr.Theiss) from Belgrade

The name LACALUT is derived from the name of one of the basic elements of the whole line – aluminum lactate. The first product that appeared on the market was a toothpick of the same name, Boehringer Ingelheim, a renowned pharmaceutical manufacturer.

The purpose of this powder was to deal with the consequences of poor gum health, primarily bleeding, islands, redness, and pain, which is why it is still popular today, and that is the main feature of the whole line. The adstringent or clamping effect is the most important feature of aluminum lactate and is directly responsible for stopping the bleeding.

In Lacalut Aktiv, all the ingredients are equally important, each has its own purpose, and only the joint action of these ingredients provides the effectiveness in preventing and stopping periodontitis and caries, and of course, it also entitles Lacalut to be called the MEDICAL toothpaste, which she actually is.

What is a novelty is that there is a Lacalut Aktiv Herbal pasta, a medical toothpaste that in its essence has all the qualities of Lacalut Active paste, and it is added to it the best of nature, the following plant with its beneficial effect:

EUCALYPTUS – antiinflammatory and antimicrobial effect.
STAR ANIS – calming effect on the right.
NANA – refreshing.
MIRTA – antiinflammatory effect
SAGE – antiseptic, regenerative and anti-inflammatory effect
FENNEL – antiinflammatory effect.
KAMILICA – antiseptic, anti-inflammatory action and accelerates healing