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MVM Group supported the 4th FMCG Summit in Belgrade

MVM Group supported 4th FMCG Summit: innovation and digitization will mark the period ahead

FMCG Summit has been a central gathering place for several years and the biggest annual event for the trading sector in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia.

The FMCG Summit conference, the largest regional trading event organized by the InStore magazine at Crowne Plaza gathered more than 450 participants from the retail and consumer goods sector, including MVM Group.

According to the impressions of the participants, the fourth FMCG meeting in Belgrade, and the twelfth in the region, with the choice of topics and speakers, he followed the most relevant examples of a good and innovative business of companies in the country and the region and current trends and challenges.

The conclusion of the majority of speakers is that innovation and digitization will mark the period ahead of the trading sector in Serbia and the environment.

The additional authority of this year’s gathering was the presentation of Quentin Roje, General Manager of Delhaize Serbia and Anthony Sosic, CEO of Mercator-S, as well as a very dynamic presentation of keynote speakers from Great Britain, a futurologist Matthew Braun.

The meeting was concluded at a roundtable attended by Peter Jagodič, general manager of the Mercator distribution company, Obrad Popović, Director of the Domestic Trade Chain (DTL) and Slobodan Vasilić, Executive Director of Neoplanta. The panel was moderated by Milan Ćulibrk, Editor-in-Chief of NIN.

Among the speakers at this year’s conference were Marijana A. Molnar (GfK), Sandra Melihen (Universe Licensing), Ivan Krušković (Nielsen), Patrik Zupančič (Promo.fil), Ronald Luisser (Focus), Marko Kreta (AT Kearney), Predrag Kurcubic (Ipsos) and Igor Javor (mStart).