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Digitization in merchandising, selling and market research

Press Clipping:

The synergy of people and software is very important to merchandising companies, with the aim of making job managers easier and making communication easier.

By selling, as one of the most abundant branches of business, today we can deal with cars, aircraft, houses or yards. At any moment, we can locate GPS what we need, to analyze the market, to create an ideal route and to “tailor” a specific business offer. Digitization has enabled monitoring and control of employees. We can check how many employees stayed in an object, how long it filled the positions, where the address was at a given moment, what time period he spent in a specific location, pauses, and when he left his post.

When a merchandising company with a leader in the field of digital technologies unites, success and satisfaction are guaranteed.

Written by InStore magazine Nina Stojanović, HR Manager of MVM Group and Goran Opačić, director of software company Esteh