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About Us

MVM Group is a merchandising company with a tradition of continuous development of more than ten years since it ensures in 2004 as a merchandising agency.

Today’s core business is to provide merchandising services.

Our work began with merchandising in retail stores, but in the course time, our operations have expanded to merchandising in the financial institutions and institutions (banks, insurance, companies) and merchandising in medicine (health care institutions health centers, hospitals, pharmacies).

MVM Group as part of its activities offers complete logistics POS/branding materials, including storage, distribution, installation and servicing of POS/branding materials.

In addition to these services, our business has expanded in line with trends in this area, so that now MVM Group provides to its customers successfully the following services: mystery shopping, branding and market research, as well as services in the field of production of promotional materials and organizing promotional activities.

By 2016, we proudly assert that MVM Group has covered with its merchandising service the entire territory of the Republic of Serbia.

Since 2016, we have been expanding to the region, and now we
ensure some of the largest regional companies as our clients, while we are expanding our business with the opening of new companies in Macedonia (MVM Macedonia), Montenegro (MVM Montenegro) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (MVM BIH).

The MVM Group’s regional expansion is a major milestone in the business. This happened because of a regional market need to place its goods through a professional merchandising agency with the highest territorial coverage, where MVM Group has emerged as the leader.

Following the trend of regional contracting of manufacturers and distributors as well as the need to provide services to the entire region with the same quality and reporting system to our customers, we greatly simplify the product’s arrival process on the shelf. So we say that you need a single contact for the entire region. That contact is MVM Group!

Our strategic goal has always been a continuous expansion. First, it was in the development of work, then of professional staff, territorial coverage and now regional coverage and connectivity. We take the steps to make our vision of becoming an undisputed leader in the region in providing merchandising and related services.


  • 500 trained merchandisers (in all cities – municipalities throughout Serbia)
  • 1000 skilled and trained hostesses
  • 20 promo leaders
  • 60 fitters / repairers in the whole territory of Serbia,
  • 20 coordinators – supervisors
  • 3000 m2 warehousing space
  • 3 regional inspectors
  • team of statisticians
  • general Manager
  • product manager
  • analyst
  • software and technical support



MVM Group is equipped with the most modern software for tracking sales and operations, product analysis, generating mystery shopping reports and analytics, control over the work of merchandisers, etc. MVM Group has a permanent contract for technical support 24 × 7, both for business software and for communication with the company ITC thus ensuring complete security of data, and therefore our clients. All merchandisers are equipped with mobile devices and computers via softwares and the real-time connected to the base.




Organizations should be considered as open systems ready to respond promptly and efficiently to all changes in the environment and to market demands faster than the competition. The need for extremely efficient, flexible and dynamic organizational structures is imposed nowadays.

We believe that, if planning is picturesquely compared with making plans for exciting and dynamic journey, then the organization would imply all means of transport necessary to complete that journey, that is – reach the desirable destination.

MVM Group is designed to represent the particular structure which follows the strategy best and is the best for people, technology and organization assignments. The relation pattern, i.e. the way of division, organization and coordination of activities in MVM Group makes the organizational structure.

While creating, rearranging or changing the relations within the organization, we have considered the following:

  • Job division
  • Division into sectors
  • Hierarchy
  • Coordination

The pattern in the picture shows the organization of the regional company MVM Group according to the territory, while MVM Serbia is divided into strategic business units.


The whole merchandising is trained by German expert in supermarket merchandising, Mr. Zigfrid Daum (expert for product positioning and cross merchandising).Mr. Daum visits our merchandisers every month in order to verify their competence and transmit new knowledges and technologies (impulsive purchase, human factor, season, region).We remark that every merchandiser has great interpersonal relations developed with all headmen of mentioned systems on their field. This kind of relation has been built by permanent cooperation, presentation, and good business relations.


MVM Group has its headquarters in Belgrade. MVM Group can provide to its clients through its distribution network the storage and distribution of POS materials, marketing / sales items.


MVM Group has warehouse space of 3000m2, location Belgrade Airport, as well as a diversified fleet, which can promptly respond to all needs of clients.


MVM Group has a permanently open competition for admission of new employees in the entire territory of the Republic of Serbia in order to create better and better network of merchandisers, and at the same time we will thus be able to offer our customers even better service.